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Hello guys! I just found the new link for this mod and you are in luck. The mod creator has updated it about a week ago to a very new version of Minecraft. Enjoy!

Here it is:  minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/icbm-classic

Коментарий от: CygSchwann

Nice job man next tike can u make a slime bomber plane then attach the nuke then it would drop the nuke
Коментарий от: ZeddliYT

Dung Nguyen Trong
Try Draconic Evolution reactor meltdown
Коментарий от: Dung Nguyen Trong

wwiv wwiii
US secretly have this anti matter bomb they build it in area 51.
Коментарий от: wwiv wwiii

Karla montañez olveda
Коментарий от: Karla montañez olveda

Hey can you do a video or do you have a video you shows how to install mods
Коментарий от: Cristian

Thelava god
Rip pc
Edit:thanks for 0 likes

Коментарий от: Thelava god

CYBER 5500
Did red matter explosion just song
Коментарий от: CYBER 5500

goober reviews
Literally the craziest Minecraft mod I have ever seen
Коментарий от: goober reviews

Nathan Monteiro
How can i put the mini map?
Коментарий от: Nathan Monteiro

Connor RK800
What kind of software are you using ?
Коментарий от: Connor RK800

Canale 64
Joker want to know your location
Коментарий от: Canale 64

_Pro_Minecraft_ Player_
I like ☢️☢️☢️
Коментарий от: _Pro_Minecraft_ Player_

Fried Rice
We gon talk about how deep the planet is???
Коментарий от: Fried Rice

is it just me, or is this guy's world super deep? anyone know how he was able to do that?
Коментарий от: Kyles120

K Anime
5:27 detonates the nuke assaults the enderman
Коментарий от: K Anime

scp 049
Коментарий от: scp 049

Koko Alvin
Chibaku tensei pein?
Коментарий от: Koko Alvin

Aynur Sahan
My favorite tnt is 3. Tnt
Коментарий от: Aynur Sahan

Ferdison Talaj
Коментарий от: Ferdison Talaj

F Moreira
this is beautiful
Коментарий от: F Moreira

Paradoxical Psychosis
Imagine if these bombs were on 2b2t
Коментарий от: Paradoxical Psychosis

Mike 13
5:07 why it looks like a dick (penis)
Коментарий от: Mike 13

Joe Vanny
Cara city gimana
Коментарий от: Joe Vanny

Landon Barry
How tf did a nuclear bomb make a bigger crater than an antimatter bomb
Коментарий от: Landon Barry

Peter Parker Recycle Bin
This mod will be nice to make a large hole
Коментарий от: Peter Parker Recycle Bin

Bulut Maden
Thats how Godzilla was born
Коментарий от: Bulut Maden

Марина Серикбаева
Большущия тарелка 🍽 4:42
Коментарий от: Марина Серикбаева

Good ol' Good
Well that was lame
Коментарий от: Good ol' Good

azzy doon
O my god 😇😦😧😨😱😵
Коментарий от: azzy doon

Josh Verstappen Friso
Коментарий от: Josh Verstappen Friso

JadoLive- Lisa Chanッ ?¿
my computer error :c
Коментарий от: JadoLive- Lisa Chanッ ?¿

Stanley Adkisson
Wow I want to do that ..... but they don't have it on the xbox one
Коментарий от: Stanley Adkisson

Никита Матвеев
Сгжирщмвк46нв4гаечшелт. Ли Ли
Коментарий от: Никита Матвеев

5:26 Help please!
Коментарий от: Sasuke_x17

सत्य सनातन मोदी जी
When girlfriend says, baby it's my first time

Коментарий от: सत्य सनातन मोदी जी

Magdalena Hernandez
Коментарий от: Magdalena Hernandez

Cameron Zuberka
Nuke for Godzilla
Коментарий от: Cameron Zuberka

Duncan Holme
When the first one the siren sounded like Yeet
Коментарий от: Duncan Holme

Adly Senpai
2:10 chibaku tensei?
Коментарий от: Adly Senpai

Rakan AlGhofaily
Mega nuke u challengen me
Коментарий от: Rakan AlGhofaily

That's a very good question
Sir, this is the US. You have been found possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction. Prepare to be “liberated”
Коментарий от: That's a very good question

hani osman
I don't play Minecraft because I'm too young
Коментарий от: hani osman

hani osman
I don't play Minecraft because I'm too young
Коментарий от: hani osman

Farrah Binte Zaman
Fgdykxcugx nhvcx c bcbnsxb ff no xc
Коментарий от: Farrah Binte Zaman

hani osman
That is a deep as the Minecraft void
Коментарий от: hani osman

hani osman
That crazy is as big as the Mariana Trench
Коментарий от: hani osman

Коментарий от: AJ

Noice Doggo
using antimatter,nuclear,red matter to make the deepest whole in minecraft
Коментарий от: Noice Doggo

bedrock has been left the chat.
Коментарий от: Plankton

Don't show this to Minato Aqua.
Коментарий от: XDrakePhoenixX

Hasan Mohmmad
Коментарий от: Hasan Mohmmad

Jose luis Mozo
Коментарий от: Jose luis Mozo

Jose luis Mozo
Коментарий от: Jose luis Mozo

{-Funtime Mangle-} FNaF Wolfy
Коментарий от: {-Funtime Mangle-} FNaF Wolfy

RL Rein
Коментарий от: RL Rein

Patri :D

Коментарий от: Patri :D

Kaidenc 2528
Well, that was anti-climatic
Коментарий от: Kaidenc 2528

Kenneth Walcott
I would have been so glitchy😂
Коментарий от: Kenneth Walcott

Go into it
Коментарий от: ABDULLAH KADRI

Tjan pinggoan
Oh my god!
Коментарий от: Tjan pinggoan

Name No
5:26 Enderman:Hello
Enderman:Thats hurt better Than this bomb

And the Enderman Die?

Коментарий от: Name No

7:36 what the hell
Коментарий от: Doge

Andrew Sinchi
Hay arboles en el modo de superplano :o
Коментарий от: Andrew Sinchi

Ana Maldonado
No bedrok????
Коментарий от: Ana Maldonado

Vegettoski Gamer 921
qué super PC de la NASA hay que tener para poder hacer eso :v?
Коментарий от: Vegettoski Gamer 921

iwan nangga
Se aether
Коментарий от: iwan nangga

iwan nangga
Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu komen
Коментарий от: iwan nangga

Daniel Nicolas Mtz
Trabajos de Pixel Art de Minecraft Amigos www.facebook.com/Pixel-Art-Minecraft-Trabajos-100785701429262/
Коментарий от: Daniel Nicolas Mtz

Nigel Lewis
Everybody gansta til the explosion goes underground
Коментарий от: Nigel Lewis

Коментарий от: NIRVANA IS LOVE

God Bless
Коментарий от: Justy

Eufemia Juarez
Cómo se llama este juego para jugarlo
Коментарий от: Eufemia Juarez

Auronplay se volveria loco al ver esto Jajajaja
Коментарий от: CALIXTO NDG

phillip stevens
Imagine walking into a base with trip wires hooked up to these
Коментарий от: phillip stevens

Zidan Taufiq
5:27 survivor
Коментарий от: Zidan Taufiq

If the antimatter bomb actually exists an explodes, it would litteraly obliterate Earth from existance, and maybe the entire Solar System if it was bigger.
Коментарий от: TheDarkBladeII

Jose Leonardo Antiga
Steve ahora es Esteril :v

like si entendiste xd

Коментарий от: Jose Leonardo Antiga

anas hussain Qureshi
HOw,s game name
Коментарий от: anas hussain Qureshi

The hell is ur render distance with no lagg howwww
Коментарий от: BaKuSaTsUou

Play Station
Sister: free lives matter!
Brother: grass lives matter
Mother: kid lives matter!

Коментарий от: Play Station

That OneGuy
Looks like Goku has been here
Коментарий от: That OneGuy

Jacob Orozco
Imagine carpet bombing with those tectonic explosives in minecraft.
Коментарий от: Jacob Orozco

millennium 11
I'm nuclear
Коментарий от: millennium 11

Kaan Işık
now i see how do ppl make those great maps
Коментарий от: Kaan Işık

Nero V
Коментарий от: Nero V

Cauã Luiz
9:02 aí a morena fala q é virgem:
Коментарий от: Cauã Luiz

Wololilo lolalolilo
Коментарий от: jorgexd1989

Daeshawn Kenway
Bet it can't beat water
Коментарий от: Daeshawn Kenway

Faruk Gulam
Афигеть какая дыра была после всех этих ТНТ
Коментарий от: Faruk Gulam

Hakim Fnaffans
Коментарий от: Hakim Fnaffans

Xavier Richards
Red matter: ultra instinct
Коментарий от: Xavier Richards

But how to launch them?
And are they only for pc?

Коментарий от: ItzSoulPlays

game boii
My pc Would also become a nuke with this bomb
Коментарий от: game boii

ห¡หjค gคмεя
pasanos el link de el juego
Коментарий от: ห¡หjค gคмεя

Коментарий от: Offfscar

Kate Brito
ha, boob*es
Коментарий от: Kate Brito

Коментарий от: Kin

7:45 whats that ore in the left beside the coal
Коментарий от: STR4NG3R 0P5

Daniel Minos
5:26 WTF enderman O-O
Коментарий от: Daniel Minos