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Željko Petrović
Hello, after I changed this settings and after F10 (save changes and exit), tablet powered off and I can not power on it anymore. When I press power button nothing happened, also if I want to start BIOS nothing happened. How can I solve this problem?
Коментарий от: Željko Petrović

Rúben Oliveira
If you faced with a brick, just try to power the device on 10 to 20 times untile the bios automatic resets everything
Коментарий от: Rúben Oliveira

Željko Petrović
After this bios setup, I can not start chuvi hi10 air anymore, also I cannot start bios anymore... anyone knows where is a problem???
Коментарий от: Željko Petrović

Eldritch Penumbra
Thank you for the help!!!

configuration for Chuwi Hi10 PRO
Chipset-North Bridge-Intel IGD Configuration
GFX Boost on Enable (Increases the video core frequency from 400 to 500 MHz)
PR3 for Win 10 only on Enable (Enable Decoder Pro mode)
DVMT Pre-Allocated to 256MB
DVMT Total GFX Mem on Max
To increase the speed of writing to a USB flash drive, enable the following:
Chipset-South Bridge-LPSS & SCC Configuration
SSC SDIO Mode for WIFI with default on DDR50

DDR DVFS - Enabled
Frequency A selection - 1600
Frecuency B selectiin - 1067
Channel selection - Single Channel
DRAM Speed ​​Grade - Fast

Коментарий от: Eldritch Penumbra

Robbert Lucassen
How to flash your Tablet BIOS if it won't boot (Bricked)? Isn't that even possible?
Коментарий от: Robbert Lucassen

Jame Bond
Hi man, I have problem with change brightness in all android and window 10. Do anyone have a solution I did like alot of solution like install and disable after enable but nothing ok
Коментарий от: Jame Bond

Stefanos Apatsidis
Don't change ram frequency on hi10 air.
It will not turn on again.

Коментарий от: Stefanos Apatsidis

danny lee
I pressed save and exit the same time he did.. his came on so fast, mine is like.. black screen.. LOL.. ...... yikes the person below said his took 10 minutes so I waited and nothing... So I go pressing the power button like crazy man, and it came on.. my god.. I was about to throw away this slow piece of sheet!
Коментарий от: danny lee

Green Spinach Army
Thanks for being the only person on youtube who assists with this tablet.
Коментарий от: Green Spinach Army

johnny walker
Please help, just bought chuwi hi12 2nd hand, but it's not charging. It shows it's connected to power supply but no charging to the battery, can anybody help?? Tried different chargers
Коментарий от: johnny walker

Jamal Samuel
I messed up reallly bad... I changed a setting in the gpu section of the bios, something like gfx to high and now my tablet won't boot or charge. Can anyone please help me. I have a chuwi hi10 air and i only got this yesterday
Коментарий от: Jamal Samuel

Ben Ward
Awesome video man, you've helped speed up my Linx 12x64 massively!
Коментарий от: Ben Ward

Paul C
ThrottleStop software helped my Cherry Trail performance the most in Windows 10. Just made 2 modifications:
1. Changed the board Power from PKG to MAX
2. Undervolted the CPU from 0.655 to 0.585
Now it runs much snappier and the CPU temps went down more than 5C.

Коментарий от: Paul C

Onur Göksu
Can I adjust the same RAM settings for Hi10 plus too?
Коментарий от: Onur Göksu

If you disable search indexing, then just install "Everything" by voidtools and use that as a search tool instead. It can find all files on the system instantaneously, but does not search for file contents.
Коментарий от: Videaprojaekt

Rodrigo Azevedo
After it, my CHUWI cant boot anymore. Does anyone know how to fix it?
Коментарий от: Rodrigo Azevedo

GFX Boost Enable.
Коментарий от: Zanzarah

Karthik Nair
But why would you defrag an SSD?
Коментарий от: Karthik Nair

brk gkc
i tried at z8350 atom processor chinese laptop..seems improved video performance tiny...still hd videos (12.000 bit and over) some lagging ..it didnt fixed..but obvious that lagging did decrased. thank you for video
Коментарий от: brk gkc

AfterStone Gamer
Коментарий от: AfterStone Gamer

After 18 minutes tablet would not start, put it into charger for another 5 minutes the orange blinking led kicks-in and stars blinking after i unplugged the charger led still blinks
2 minutes later tablet boots up
I almost pissed my pants, i was thinking that i can't do my projects anymore.

Коментарий от: sn0k3e

Rogério Figueiredo
is possible to use linux with with it?
Коментарий от: Rogério Figueiredo

Jeffri Ranger
how about heat?
Коментарий от: Jeffri Ranger

Offroad circus
Mine doesnt have the "chipset" submenu in BIOS. Is there anything that I can do??
Коментарий от: Offroad circus

Josh Guyette
Nice, the top result of someone that can actually TALK in a video!!! :)

Crap not about overclocking. :(

Коментарий от: Josh Guyette

I will never buy any Chinese tablets. But I appreciate your video.
Коментарий от: Matlockization

fako fakoson
To all those thinking of the bios settings here:
There is a safe WITHIN windows tweak available to speed it up regardless of brand or BIOS.

open the run command box either using a physical or the on screen keyboard win+r
type in system.ini
it will open a system file reading something like this:

; for 16-bit app support



modify the 386Enh to read 30000Enh, that increases the RAM cycles managed by Windows automatically adjusting voltage hence making it run faster. WARNING: the 30000 number has been the safe peak in my experience, going higher could increase performance or BURN the RAM chips so I strongly recommend you DO NOT go beyond that amount, if doing so it is at your own risk.

Immediately below the 386Enh add the following 2 lines of command checking the spelling so they do work:


These commands are telling the system to hold the peak commit charge and to always prioritize the use of RAM over pagefile.

After the changes the file should look something like this:

; for 16-bit app support



It is very important you only perform the 3 changes mentioned, the rest of the file could vary across systems; when done save the file as system.ini to the desktop making sure to save it as "all files" type and NOT as text (by default it will not allow to save changes within the same file), then just cut/copy the file from the desktop and paste in the "C:\Windows" folder confirming the replacement when prompted. the file on the desktop can be deleted afterwards.

The increase in overall performance should be noticeable immediately, if not reboot the system and how much it will increase depends on all the running services/processes which in turn depend on the installed/running programs and the hardware installed.

I have used this tweak in systems from XP to 10 both 32 and 64 bit for over 10 years on systems as low specced as a pentium II @ 300MHz. with 160MB RAM running Windows XP SP3 Professional and get a fairly noticeable overall speed up.

Коментарий от: fako fakoson

Agustín Castagneris
You just fix my "flickering" issue when low brightness was applied! Thanks
Коментарий от: Agustín Castagneris

Steve 30x
7:14 there is a much easier way to get into the bios. When you click on the power button hold SHIFT while pressing restart. Then go to troubleshoot , Advanced options lastly UEFI Firmware settings.

I think the hardware in my Hi12 is slightly different to yours though. Where yours says LPDDR3 Device Density 4GB on yours mine says LPPDR3 Device Density 8GB

Коментарий от: Steve 30x

George W. Hart
Hi TechTablets!. I saw your nice video. grate! ... can ask something about Hi13 model. I lost Setting system. But try and try to hard work on reinstallation. so I almost recovered the system. But only one thing is not working. that's Screen rotation by the sensor. could you help me? some information anything? (for Ex  Driver name...^^- I resting by all manually setting to recovered) thanks!
Коментарий от: George W. Hart

Ross Morton
do these tweaks work on the hi13 as well?
Коментарий от: Ross Morton

I really wish they would make a powerful 8" tablet with a core M processor
Коментарий от: brando92711

George Smith
do the bios setting affect only windows? any tweaks for android?
Коментарий от: George Smith

Blaze Kid
On my Hi12 chrome is awfully sluggish, when pinch and zooming and when scrolling and just in general. All other apps work fine. I've tried to reset it and disable hardware acc as well but this doesn't help. Is anyone else have the same issue and a fix? cheers
Коментарий от: Blaze Kid

Now that I lost 140€ and 28 days of waiting can you explain why it bricked? I'm certain that I only changed frequency A from 1067 to 1600 and DDR DVFS to enabled
Коментарий от: Pow3rus

Just received my chuwi Hi10 plus and changed ram speed to 1600
After 10 min of waiting I can say that it is BRICKED

Коментарий от: Pow3rus

Rufus Leung
Thanks a lot. I followed your instruction and I overclock my Hi12. Another question I would like to ask is could I able to update the android version from 5.1 to higher 6/7/8? Some good app might only support for higher version of android. Thank you very much.
Коментарий от: Rufus Leung

Thank you! Helped improve my nuvision tablet so I can finally take notes with the pen!
Коментарий от: DrDreams23

Hello TechTablets and bros and siss, who follow this guide.
I have just done it and go down from Earth to Hell and then up to Heaven.
Here is my own experience, hope it will help anyone in this Group have same issued like me:
My device is Chuwi H10 Pro (half day unboxing).
I updated the latest for Windows, Windows Defender first.
Then I did the Tweak in the Windows OS (battery setting, advance setting, etc...) which Tech Tablet showed in the video.
After this step, I already have a feeling that my device is more quicker 10% (as all animations are disabled, i think so).
Next, even I known its risky and should not do if you do not know exactly what you are doing.
But I choose to follow the final step - the Bios Tweak.

My chip is Atom Z8350, all the same with Chuwi H12 in video. Battery at 100% fully charged.
My Bios have exactly the same setup and option list as showed in the video.
I changed exactly as TechTablet guided (I watched at least 3 times before doing, and when doing it each step I watched again first then stop the clip, did the tweak, then unpaused to continue watching and tweaking).
So you can say I am 100% followed as the guide, no missing, no mis tweak, no more no less.

Then Save&Exit => the Chuwi screen showed up after 10 seconds. Now bad things happened:
- I saw some slim white lines flashed at the edge (near the Chuwi logo - background now is black color).
- After 5 seconds, all the screen turning in white with slim black lines freezing at the same location before.
- Ok, fine, not yet terrified, my pant is still dry. I back to laptop for surfing web, waiting its for auto-solving.
- After 30 mins, I looked back to my sweetie, she is still white with black brows (angry with me, maybe?)
- Now my pant is wet, after changing another diaper (I sure it will wet again, diaper is a best choice, I suggest), I press the Power button, hold it for 10 seconds.
- Screen is off.
- Hold down Power button agains 10 seconds, screen is on, Chuwi logo is on, and this TERRIFED slim white lines is ON.
- Only 1 thing change, no more white screen with slim black lines showed up, the screen just keeping off and on with Chuwi logo and those lines together.
- Ok, boot-loop I guessed? Lucky diaper in da house (now you guys know why).
- Then I hold down the Power button 10 seconds, my device shut down.
- Press and hold again Power, it didnt wake up, red line flashing => OMG RLOD (Red line of the Dead ???!!!)
- Ok, need new diaper for sure, ....(after 2 mins).... I came back and put in the Power jack, press and hold the Power button several times in 10 second, till you will see the red light stop flashing, it hang on there => Red light is freezing now.
=> Chuwi wake up like a miracle, no more TERRRIFIED slim lines flashing, take 5 secs to boot up, 10 secs into Win and smoothly as fuc3.
=> Miracle or am I lucky? I dont know, now I am happy with my sweetie.

Wish that my own experience can help you guys figure out something to solve if had problem after tweaking.
in my case, I have all kind of worst solutions can happend => screen scratched, white screen freezing, bootloop logo, Red Light of the Dead (if you are a fan of Console you will know this word).
But, now all solved.
Thank you for the guide, TechTablet...!

Updated: as I check back the system by cmd
wmic memorychip get speed
=> 1067
=> So I just lucky to reset the BIOS back to default, I guess so?
=> So if you have issued after following this guide, you can use my method to at least bring back the BIOS to default.

Коментарий от: DBMK

Awesome video, here is the solution for something was driving me crazy: my chuwi hi10 had very slow write (very slow installing software and updates) , so i had to go to "my computer" >right click> administrate ->disk admin->right click on drive 0 -> properties -> Directive->DISABLE "Write cache"
Inmediatelly my tablet speeded up

Коментарий от: AikidoFuengirola

i just enabled gfx boost and my tablet not working any more.. what can I do?
Коментарий от: 김택서

Richard Luna
please help me my pc tab stuck in bios/boot
Коментарий от: Richard Luna

There's only South Bridge on my Hi10.
Коментарий от: Pharmit24

Could you please recomend me a ram OC speed for the HI 10 plus
would be greatly appreciated

Коментарий от: UnlishedTen8

atul chamola
How to boot in safe mode in chuwi hi 10 pro
Коментарий от: atul chamola

Szabolcs Mate
2:08 - porn history conveniently blurred out. ;)
Коментарий от: Szabolcs Mate

Roberto Vega Millican
in tablet use zip magic double space and driverspace and ram buffers for micro sd
Коментарий от: Roberto Vega Millican

mikey wiley
hi ive just watched your vidio and a verry good vidio it is, but i have just one problem. im curently running windows 10 creators build and the advanced power settings dosent bring up the option for intel R dynamic platform and thermal framework settings in the little dialog box to the left hand side, everything else was spot on thank you very much my computer is much better. for the record im running a linx 12v64 tablet/pc
Коментарий от: mikey wiley

Agus Yuda Renanda Sanditha
how do i enter the bios?
Коментарий от: Agus Yuda Renanda Sanditha

Emmanuel Tecson
I did everything in the video except the your recommendations for the graphics settings as I would rather have maximum battery life coz I barely do gaming on my Atom device. My unit is a Chuwi Hi10 Plus updated to Windows 10 Creator's Update before I followed d stuff on this vid. I was expecting a long booting time after tweaking the BIOS settings but nope. Booted in about a minute. :)
Коментарий от: Emmanuel Tecson

Abdur Rahman
Has anyone succeeded changing from 1066 to 1600Mhz on Hibook Pro z8350? I tried a lot in this way but failed. Waited upto 2/3 hours, but the device doesn't boot. :( Any guidance for HiBook pro would be appreciable. Thanks.
Коментарий от: Abdur Rahman

ercan ilman
hello I do the same bios change as you mention but tablet go off and not start again. when I try to start just orange led is on and nothing happen. what can I do now :(
Коментарий от: ercan ilman

I just got my Chuwi Hi12 windows only edition last week someone sold it used and i won it for £33 the micro sd slot and touch screen are broken but didnt care ive noticed hdmi out if plugged in before login more often than not will just get stcuk on the bios screen. I'd like to make the bios changes you did would these cahnges be safe as we have the same tablet? just i have the non dual boot version.
Коментарий от: GarethRossUK

Matthew Low
Dear chris,after i followed your youtube video on how to improve atom performance.windows tweaks and ram settings.

My chuwi hi10 is unable to boot up at all…..(i only had my tablet for 2days)

I did exactly as u did in the video. I even double triple checked the settings in the bios to match yours.


Коментарий от: Matthew Low

Adam S.
I ordered chuwi hi12 with z8300 and I got z8350. I am so happy!
Коментарий от: Adam S.

Ps vita remoteplay Ps vita
hi i followed all the steps in the bios and it takes ages for the tablet to start i have the chuwi hi 12??? what do i have to do????
Коментарий от: Ps vita remoteplay Ps vita

How did you get the large green battery icon on the toolbar? Is it an app? Or system setting?
Коментарий от: Townie5lax

Rogério Figueiredo
hi what is the name of battery program?
Коментарий от: Rogério Figueiredo

flyhi Gaming
Great video. Thanks for the tweak tips.
Коментарий от: flyhi Gaming

John Whick
Nice video ^^ / after you said the atom isn't really fast i tought just wait some years and there will be smartphones with the power of an i7 and a gtx1080 😂😂
Коментарий от: John Whick

Oh god. The reboot after the bios tweak took 10 minutes. I almost pissed my pants!!!
Коментарий от: SDSakuragi

Hi Chris,

This is a really nice tutorial. May I ask 2 questions?

First, you've warned in the video to not touch the BIOS if you don't have enough knowledge. I don't have. But if I follow your steps exactly, nothing can't go wrong can it?

Is this also possible on the Chuwi vi10 Ultimate cherry trail?

Many thanks for your response!

Коментарий от: DeTommyboy01

Is there any way to check if 1600 MHz RAM speed is actually supported by a particular tablet without taking the risk of bricking the device?
Коментарий от: ZimM

nguyen tuan
im using hibook pro now, can u follow ur methods ?
Коментарий от: nguyen tuan

the most important performance tip and you missed: disable updates.
Коментарий от: Jfr

i have Chuwi Cube I9 is there a chance of overclock it? or improve performance?
Коментарий от: MrTeebo

can you install Linux on it?
Коментарий от: mkcvx

T 800
I have reinstalled windows from microsoft on my hi12 and now in power options I don`t have performance option it's balanced only. Can you please tell me what do I do to get my performance  mode?
Коментарий от: T 800

James Lewis
Honestly these tips would work well for any of the Chinese tablets, especially the cheaper ones. I like looking around in the BIOS at all the low level settings and options :)
Коментарий от: James Lewis

chris casseday
What happens when you connect a USB hub to a tablet and then plug in a DVD drive for watching movies & gaming, plus connect an external USB battery? Will it run/charge, or fry?

I'm thinking - Tablet + USB DVD drive + Battery + Duct Tape = Portable gaming. Or better use in power outages.

Коментарий от: chris casseday

hey tech tablets, I like this new series where you kind of show us chinesd tablet users some hack and tricks. I understand that these Chinese tablets can be wonky at times. I was wondering how I can factory reset these tablets both on android and windows, as I have had trouble with that in the past. I don't want to lose my ability to lose my android switching app on windows if you know what I mean. thank you
Коментарий от: KEN HOPKINS

Amazing video.
thank you good sir!

Коментарий от: phat1234

Check "patchcleaner" and what it does; a must for any system with little free space.
Коментарий от: kyr0x

Uninstall that literal malware called utorrent and get qbittorrent or deluge.
Коментарий от: kyr0x

Jorge Reyes
Hi I want to buy a chuwi hi 8 pro, do you know if this tablet can be upgrade to annyversary update without problems? Thanks
Коментарий от: Jorge Reyes

Guillermo castilla
grate for 3537f
Коментарий от: Guillermo castilla

awesome bro!!!!! keep up this great work... im your big fan..

more video like this...

Коментарий от: scornwawa

Andreas Helle
Great and informative video. Really like this :-)
Коментарий от: Andreas Helle

Substitute Realities Channel
i have notice after i apply the bios setting on my Chuwi Hi12 dual boot version, the Android OS will auto reboot when i leave it alone with the screen off for a length of time and not charging. Anybody have any idea about that? Do you have that issue Chris from Techtablets?
Коментарий от: Substitute Realities Channel

Rotes Diadem
Thank you. Btw i hope you will get more subscribers :D
Коментарий от: Rotes Diadem

Kuncen RIG
I even dont play XMP :D
Коментарий от: Kuncen RIG

I don't know why but I don't have these settings on the chips et of my chuwi hi12, not able to see a lot of things in south bridge...
Коментарий от: Enzo

Michael Smith
What is the name of the stand that you used in this video?
Коментарий от: Michael Smith

thans but i got a question. why pr3 is disabled?
Коментарий от: 이진태

Vernal Scott
Excellent 'how to' video Chris. More like this and watch your subscriptions boom. Many thanks.
Коментарий от: Vernal Scott

Very Thanks Chris!! I have this Hi12 but don't knew any of this boost options because i'm a Win10 noob :D
I have updated my Hi12 Bios, is my RAM already at 1600mhz? Now i only have one Bluetooth keyboard for check it :~/

Коментарий от: MrJoaoMsousa

Retro Fresh Bro-Racus
this is a really helpful video, thanks for sharing, have to try these settings with my chuwi vi8 plus
Коментарий от: Retro Fresh Bro-Racus

No Rules
How to tweak cube i7 book to get more performance from bios.
Коментарий от: No Rules

You cant be any more clear about this. If you mess with the RAM settings, you will brick your device. Linux, mainly Ubuntu, mistakenly identifies Cherrytrail tablets as having dual channel ram. They do not. If you change your bios settings from single channel ram to dual channel ram, you have bricked your device.

Seriously. He knows what he's talking about. Dont mess with the ram if you arent absolutely sure of what you're doing.

Коментарий от: ares9304

How can we improve TouchPad performance in original chuwi keyboard?
Коментарий от: Wieczor178

now make game test on overclocking chuwi hi12 ☺
Коментарий от: crecker05ru

Abdul Majeed
great video it certainly looks improved performance on teclast x80 pro
Коментарий от: Abdul Majeed

Fran Cis
This works in Cube iWork10 Ultimate ?

Коментарий от: Fran Cis

Oleksandr Kudryavtsev
Great video! Can you please do smth like this with Asus E200HA?
Коментарий от: Oleksandr Kudryavtsev

How to improve the performance of your Atom-powered device. Please note the RAM setting tweaks are risky, touching other settings in the bios could result in a bricked device. To enable high-performance mode in the power settings run this app: mega.nz/#!0AcHnCjL!4B-SWXgWWMfqeW2iuqI4G0NNXbMKHGNTRPxypLLHTDk Not all devices will have all bios settings available, some have completely locked down bios menus without such options.

The tablet featured in this video is a Chuwi Hi12: techtablets.com/chuwi-hi12/

Коментарий от: TechTablets.com